Strategy: How to reach out?

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Jag skriver på engelska för att nå ut, planerar att ställa frågan på lite större forum och vill inte slösa tid på översättningar..

I was inspired from yesterdays meeting to think about other ways to reach out and inform people about food waste in order to reduce it as one of our core goals, taking care of food waste is essentially just a way to put out fires one can argue.. We got to actually reach out..

We need to be better in informing people how the waste occurs from the land where it's grown / born to the customers plate and what happens thereafter so we need to study this much closer then we done so far to be able to make presentations and other actions to enlighten the public better of the problem with food waste.

There are a lot of articles about the problem, but this one and organisation did catch my interest with there article with the so telling title "Food waste: The blame game". They also look at how technology can be used to track the waste and food with new technologies, "How blockchain could revolutionise supply chain transparency".

These articles show that it's not enough to just save food, we actually need to educate about the core problem and be a real voice in the debate to reduce the food waste unless we want to be yet another food waste fire brigade, right?

More ideas how we can move forward and become better in informing about the actual problem and what to do about it, to actually create a change that will reduce the food waste?

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    I think that to keep doing the info-meetings on a regular basis (at least every other week) is a good thing, we could dedicate part of the meetings to talk about food waste in general and not just the practical things of Solikyl. Then there are also the different events we're invited to, some of then are good to do outreach, some of then are a waste of time, but that's up to each one to decide and as long as we have people interested in participating and representing Solikyl, there's no reason not to participate.

    We've also done film screenings (should do that more) and basically all the hang-outs and meeting places where people just casually meet to get the food from the fridge and start talking are an extremely valuable thing, so we should definitely invest more carefully in putting solidarity fridges in such places where there can be a synergy between organizations (just like it's been at Vegagatan, Bike Kitchen Gamlestan and with the free shop at Kortedala). I also liked the idea suggested by Sereno yesterday, of throwing parties with free food (or maybe donation-based, but that's a discussion for another topic).

    What I'd like to emphasize is that people can and should take more initiative on their own for projects and ideas like these, and that they should be able to ask for help, so they're not doing all the stuff by themselves. Anyone should feel they have the support of the community. For some stuff it is actually the duty of the board (styrelse) to actively support, but we can also think about building real working groups with anyone who's interested, one for instance focused on outreach/propaganda/education.
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    I agree from a Solikyl point of view that we need people driving projects, but the ideas are not limited to Solikyl..

    One thing we could do to reach out could be a pod for example, there is so many solutions out there, check out using Black śoldier flies as recyclers of waste that could eat what's gone bad for most other animals..

    No, he is not making it all up!

    Just some of the topics we and other groups working on food waste could take up in a pod for example..
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