Volunteer recruitment request: Seeking volunteers for individual interviews

Volunteer recruitment request for master thesis study in Global Health: Motive for volunteering for food waste

Seeking volunteers for individual interview

The interviews are a part of a master thesis study that aims to examine motives for volunteering in organizations working to increase awareness on and/or reduce food waste (promote sustainable food consumption). The study will include two or more organizations.

Therefore, the study seeks volunteers in Solikyl for individual interviews. All volunteers are invited to participate in an interview, regardless time of volunteering, background, occupation, etc. The interview consists of one interview session lasting for approximately 30-45 minutes. Though, it has to be noticed that the time depends on the conversation, therefore an exact time limit is hard to state.

Interview participants hold the right to be anonymous, to withdraw at any time, and only to share information they feel comfortable with. The interview will be recorded and the material will be anonymized. The material is only to be used in the context of the study.

First planned sessions are at Vegagatan February 28th and March 2nd

The interview will be held in conjunction with Solikyl’s events and opening hours. The interview will be held in English. More dates will be posted if needed.

If you find it interesting, you can contact: simoneweihrauch@gmail.com for more information or to schedule a time for an interview session.

Simone Weihrauch, Master student in Global Health at University of Gothenburg


  • Nice that you managed to do that interview with Olle, Simone! You're welcome back any time to talk to other volunteers. As you probably noticed, it's easier to catch us on site! ;)
  • Thank you! I will come by Vegagatan again this week. :smile:
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