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Hej @Hannah , kul att du är här! Jag tänkte att starta tråden så att du kan hålla oss alla uppdaterade om vad du har gjort eller forsökt i ditt område, så att alla är väl informerade och koordinerade.

Jag bjöd in till forumet en annan student från Chalmers, Mikael, som var peppade att komma igång där och hade några tankar på lokaler också.

And maybe @Franziska is also interested in expanding Solikyl to this area?

It would be awesome if you could form a group to make things happen there!


  • Hej everyone!

    Yes, I would like to make a fridge on the campus happen. I am going to meet with Lotta next weekend to learn more about her experience with a fridge on the Campus at a german university. And meanwhile, I think the best way to approach the university will be with CSS, especially with this new 5 star campus initiative.
  • Another question would be, whether we want to start the fridge with only private food donations, whether we want to directly approach the cafeterias on campus, or search for supermarkets nearby.
  • Taking it through CSS and 5 stars is a good strategy!
    Franziska said:

    Another question would be, whether we want to start the fridge with only private food donations, whether we want to directly approach the cafeterias on campus, or search for supermarkets nearby.

    I'd say get any kind of cooperation first before you put the fridge (unless some of you can keep it "active" somehow). And before approaching big supermarkets, we need to figure out transportation first, unless it's walking distance with a cart.
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    I will take it up with Five Star Campus and I personally think that HSB Living Lab would be an appropriate place for the fridge. As it is "the future home" I believe that we could get a collaboration with them.

    We have a couple of restaurants around campus that waste a lot of food and I have been in contact with one of them that probably would be interested to share it.

  • @ou6op yes the Living Lab could be a great place to start, and you are also living there, right?

    Should we also consider and look for a more central place on campus (maybe even the union house) as the living lab house is on the end of the campus, and not many students would see the fridge or pass by there spontaneously during the week?
  • Info-material:

    Before you go out adventuring and presenting Solikyl, please remember that we have informative brochures both for the public and for shops where we'd look for cooperation. There's also an English version. We're printing a big batch soon. :)

    If CSS wants to become officially a cooperating partner with Solikyl, we could prepare special versions of these brochures with the CSS logo and a message more adapted to the public you're trying to reach.

    There's also other some other materials like flyers that we can use as well. And of course if anyone wants to design new stuff, the more the better!
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    How about putting a fridge in Studenternas hus on Götabergsgatan 17, it's near Götaplatsen bus stop where bus 55 goes between the 2 Chalmers Campus. It's close to Artisten and many other parts of GU is near by so a very central location that is rather easy to reach from all the uni's in town, besides the student organisation is already established there. Is it not a ideal location to put a Solikyl fridge for students at?
  • For sure Nicco, that's a place to keep in mind!

    Solikyl got the following e-mail from CSS, so I'll just paste it here for the sake of documentation and openness (hope it's ok @ou6op !):

    Hej Solikyl,

    Jag har varit I kontakt med er angående möjligheten att starta upp en Solikyl i Johanneberg. Vi från Chalmers Students for Sustainability vill gärna ta del av era flyers så vi kan printa och dela ut dem runtomkring området.

    Vi hade tänkt anordna antingen ett Food Rescue party eller ett event på campus Johanneberg för att informera om vad ett solidariskt kylskåp är för att sedan låta studenter sprida flyers till närbutiker. Vi tror att det är det bästa sättet att få in studentengagemanget.

    Var kylskåpet kan stå är ännu okänt. Vi kommer ta upp en förfrågan till HSB Living Lab.

    Tack på förhand.
  • Good news, looking forward to the food rescue party! ;)
  • Hi everyone!
    I totally missed this conversation.
    So nice to read about these positive, activities. I haven't been to Vegagatan for a couple of weeks since I crashed with my bike. Still walk a bit poorly, but tell me what I can do. There are also small food stores and a number of cafes and restaurants along Gibraltargatan and at Landala torg (square).
    There are a lot of students living around here, so I think it's a good place. It's walking distance from Gibraltagatan and Landala torg.
  • (Walking distance from Willys as well, but since they haven't been so helpful I didn't mention them first)
  • Nice! Tomasz is printing more brochures as we speak and he'll leave them at Vegagatan on Thursday, so if any of you want to come by on Friday or next week to get some brochures, just let us know (or just show up)! There will be 3 kinds of brochures: one in Swedish for the public and volunteers, another one with the same text in English, and a third one in Swedish for the shops. They look very similar but you can distinguish them by the text and also the title at the front cover.

  • Great! As soon as my leg is better. (Worse again).
    See you!
  • Hi.
    Are you both still interested in trying to find a place for a fridge in Johanneberg?
    Best regards
  • Hi,

    I already managed to get a fridge here to Chalmers. It is currently placed in HSB Living Lab. As of now, I have a lot to do in school. Next week I will be available and would like to meet and discuss how we can take this further.

    Thank you.

    - Mikael
  • Just trying to follow up, is the fridge in use, does it come food that is rescued to it?

    What is the status?
  • Hi,

    @Nicco the fridge is not in use. As our students come and go we have a hard time making this continuous. There is also no collaboration set up just yet. We have a fridge but we never managed to make time to support this platform.

    - Mikael
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