Transport till andra kylskåpet Vegagatan

Jag är optimistisk att vi kan få ett samarbete till, har bokad ett möte med butikschefen på Hemköp Linnégatan. Men vi behöver ordna transport av den andra kylen (ligger nånstans nära Mölndal). Tomasz snackade om att göra det med en stor cykelkärra. Jobbigt men möjligt. Jag undrar om Studiefrämjandet kan fixa en bil? Eller har nån annan har en idé?


  • En kompis köpte en stor bil nyligen, den kan ta ett kylskåp som är 2.4 meter djupt i bagaget. När skall kylen hämtas tänker ni, efter vi har mötet med Hemköp på Linnegatan kanske?
  • Lets switch to English since Yuan was invited to this discussion.
    I will check with Studiefrämjandet if their car can fit a fridge, also Niccos friends car sound like an good option.
  • Hi! My friend Chris will come together with me this afternoon. We ask him then if he can help to transfer the fridge. We also need hands to move the fridge from second floor to the car. No elevator there.
  • Hi @Yuan ! Isn't the deadline for taking the fridge approaching? We are not in a hurry, but just asking so we don't miss this opportunity! :)
    If Chris your friend cannot help out with the car, we can probably use another alternative (the car of Nicco's friend) if we ask him at least a couple of days in advance
  • Hi! The fridge and freezer are sure no problem. Chris are willing to help. Chris and I are busy of a welcome party for new students of universities this week. We can make it next week before 17th September.
  • Ok, great! I thought there was some kind of deadline at the beginning of September. Next week works for me. Let us know later then when it's the best day and time! :)
  • Hi Yuan! If this week is still busy for you guys, I think that maybe it's better to talk to Nicco's contact as soon as possible to see if a car could be available to us on Thursday, since on Friday there will be a double pickup and probably lots of food coming in :)
  • Hi Bruno! Do you have time this afternoon 17:00-19:00? You can come to pick up the fridge at Mölndalsvägen 79. Tram 2 or 4 to Elisedal and 1 mins walk. Chris is ready to help.
  • Need two persons at least to take the fridge from second floor without elevator.
  • Two very strong soldiers will arrive between 18-18.30 and carry both frezer and fridge.
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    :smiley: see u later!
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