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senaste info kring processen


  • Ingen idee med en tråd som inte uppdateras...

    Jag minns från en diskussion med Emma att det var bra möte med ägaren av byggnaden, men att köket på 4.5 miljoner var något som de inte ville investera i vilket knappast är förvånansvärt. Något mer som hänt kring processen som du vill berätta om Emma?
  • Ingen idé att berätta om saker som inte är klart ;) Jag ska träffa Castellum på torsdag igen och har mer info då :)
  • Hej Emma! Nån uppdatering ang den nya lokalen? Blir flyttdatumet ungefär som tänkt?
  • Lite onödigt att "klistra" en tråd om info inte postats än, jag tar bort "klistret" så länge så andra aktiva trådar får synas på framsidan.
  • Hej!

    Som ni kanske förstått har processen kring kommande lokal strulat rejält och jag har lagt allt fokus på detta, varav min dåliga återkoppling. Men låt oss träffas den 8 nov kl.18.30-20.00 i Allmänningen (konferensrummet, vegagatan 1) för en uppdatering och frågor, kring framtiden. SKicka gärna frågor innan om ni har, om det är något jag skall förbereda annars blir det en generell uppdatering där jag berättar läget.
    Vill att åtminstone 1 pers från varje grupp/förening medverkar. Skicka gärna vidare detta mail till flera hos er, har inte allas mailadress.

    Allt gott!

    Date: 08/11-2017

    Attending: Emma (Studiefrämjandet), Olle (Cykelköket), Joakim (Solikyl), Ivan (Hackerspacke), Carolina (Cykelköket), Nicolas (Solikyl).

    Secretary: Carolina

    What we’re seeking: We want to have a big space for a lot of different groups. 4-5 groups here at the moment. 10 - 15 other groups want a space as well. We must share space between the different organisations. Too costly to have many different spaces and there is positive synergies to share space. And the small groups also don’t have so much activity. We want at least 500 square meters. Difficult to find. Contact other companies, organisations.

    Current Situation: Emma: This place has to be left 31/3. No space yet. Ringön: after one year they changed their mind. Emma had another space that we could share with Mikrofabriken but suddenly the seller of the house change his mind. At the moment no big space.

    Asked if the contract can be extended. Still waiting for the answer from Ivar Kjellberg.
    Now looking for a place of 200 square meters as a temporary place for Omställninsgverkstan. Looking for 500 square meters parallelly. Many people are interested in giving a place but bureaucracy makes it difficult. “Detaljplaner” makes it difficult. These plans are being updated but takes time.

    Nicolas: takes a lot of time to move somewhere. Problem with temporary solution. At least a year in the same place. Half a year is an option in the worst case. Less time than that is pointless.

    Emma: Kommersen (hållplats Masthuggstorget): they are preparing to make urban parks. Interested if we want to be a part of that area. In spring they will have a new plan for the area. Then people can complain. So it will take a while. Can’t count on anything there within half a year. Ringön: both positive and negative sides.
    Next year the housing company (municipality) Higab, will have a rule that they can’t have empty spaces. So then there a good chances to find something. Emma will email them and book a meeting ASAP. Also have dialog with Älvstarnden Utveckling about Masthugget and other places. Often the plans are require for industry, production. We could be production.
    Ringön, Gamlestan, Masthuggskajen main areas looked at right now.
    Applying for funding from Vinnova together with the City of Gothenburg.

    Nicolas: Even if it’s temporary space we want to look at it so we know how to prepare.

    Emma: If we can’t stay here there is going to be a new meeting in middle or end of January. Those who can attend a meeting should answer the email. Next time maybe doodle.

    If we have suggestion of places or contacts for a new space we should send them to her.

    Laws make it difficult for us to get a place since we’re a not-for-profit organization.
    In spite of the challenges it’s important we try to find a place to stay. Many people want us to exist so we will find a place eventually.

    Next steps:

    Emma will let everyone at Omställningverkstan know when she has an answer from Ivar Kjellberg about to rent the space further.

    Emma will do ads and continue to look for both a temporary place at least 200 kvm in Majorna/Linné and the same time a bigger space 500 kvm for all the groups combined.

    Emma applying for funding together with the City of Gothenburg in dec, will get answer about this in Jan.

    People at Omställningverkstan can anytime contact Emma with suggestions and questions. And will get info at the forum and by email.
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