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  • Dear Repair Café organiser,

    Via our website, you asked for more information about your Repair Café's advantages.

    At this moment, the Repair Café Foundation has one special offer which applies to all Repair Cafés in English speaking countries:

    1. Discount on all orders with

    You receive a 10 percent discount on all orders with spare parts webshop eSpares. Use the coupon code that you'll find via the following link:
    Attention! The code changes every three months.

    If you run a Repair Café in Scandinavia, the following offer is valid as well:

    2. Discount on all orders with, and

    You receive a 10 percent rebate on all orders with spare parts webshop Quickparts. Simply write 'REPAIRCAFE' in the notes field when you place an order via one of these webshops.

    We're doing our best to make more arrangements with companies and organisations in your country soon. We'll keep you posted!

    The Repair Café Foundation team
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