Hey fellow repair entusiasts!

We just now made things official by joining up with P4 Gothenburg, I think (hope) we conveyed our message on air splendidly so I was wondering - who of you all will join the event tonight?

We'll be there from 16:00. Hope to see you then!


  • Erik is coming, he told me by mail :)
  • Cool beans! It looks as though I'm running a bit late
  • Tack för igår :) Det börjar frågas efter datum för maj. Vad har ni för förslag? Ej tis, tors och lördagar då det är cykelkök.. Ska vi fortsätta på onsdagar? Varje eller varannan? Har flera som vill hålla i en textildel också, vad sägs om vi har tre symaskiner i konferensrummet så kan reparation av textil vara där?
  • I assumed every other wednesday was set so that's what I said when asked. Does it work for the rest of the team? I understand that it's not possible for everyone each time, but let's say that we try to be at least 3 instructors each other Wednesday? I tend to think that's fesible considering we are more then 3.. 6?
  • I will certainly try to be there every wednesday. (not this wednesday though, already planned work.) I can also lend a sewing machine more or less permanently if there is a need for that. Fun fact: i found it when i was dumpster diving for food! :)
  • Where are you guys? ;)
  • I can't make it on Wednesday, cause we are having a kick-off with Studiefrämjandet. But talk with eachother so you know who's coming or not :)
  • I'll be there, but I think the question to ask is who can't on Wednesday..
  • I'm at work until the 14th and thereafter I'll be home for about two weeks. I have been employed at another ship up here in Luleå meaning that I'll be working a month at the time instead of two weeks on-two weeks off and with Jonathan being away for two weeks at the time we're going to have to look into engaging yet another Repair Enthusisast to report the coming events. I don't see how it'll be a problem as there is usually more Repairers than Repairees :)

    Break a leg on Wednesday!
  • Hej hej :) TAck för igår! Jag känner mig inte helt hundra så jag kommer inte ikväll. Hoppas det blir lyckat, ni är bäst!
  • Krya på dig!
  • Kom ihåg att det är premiär idag ;) inför hösten!
    Jag kommer inte, hoppas ni har koll på vilka som kommer..
  • Jag kommer!
  • Finns det några volontärer som kan på måndag?!
  • På måndag kan jag, men sen är jag upptagen de flesta måndagar fram till 20 november med undantag den 13 november då jag även kan.
  • Om det är för få som kan så kanske jag kan hoppa in som värd i alla fall.. Förhoppningsvis kommer Stig också!
  • Hi everyone!
    There is one week left until next opening. Last time there was to many participants (yay!) but few volonters. So now I have to know who's coming the 18th of sept 17.30 - 20.30? Open 18.00-20.00. I can't come due to other plans and Nicco can't come either. I think Stig is coming but we need to be more people there.. @Oscar @olle @Alessandro @Erik
  • EmmaÖ said:

    Hi everyone!
    There is one week left until next opening.......

    I'm in!
  • Sorry, not in town!
  • edited September 17
    It seems like it's only Allessandro @Alessandro and Stig who can come tomorrow therefor I cancel the event. Let's see if there will be enough reparers next monday the 2nd of oct. See you!
  • Ahh, that sucks!
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