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  • I contacted Martin from Resursrestaurangen to arrange a meeting between Solikyl and them, so we can improve our cooperation, share resources and start using together the foodsaving tool
  • Great, let us know when the time is set!
  • What happened to the garbage/leftovers that we're leaving at Hemköp's kompostrum? Were they gone or are they piling up?
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    brunomc said:

    What happened to the garbage/leftovers that we're leaving at Hemköp's kompostrum? Were they gone or are they piling up?

    They are piling up, Sebetian did not return my call.
    We need to act on this issue but im not sure how.
  • Damn! We need to talk to Tim at Hemköp and ask if we can dispose them in the other trashbins. Or we'd need to sort it out ourselves, which sucks.
  • brunomc said:

    Damn! We need to talk to Tim at Hemköp and ask if we can dispose them in the other trashbins. Or we'd need to sort it out ourselves, which sucks.

    Im planing to do a pickup tomorrow Monday for the infomeeting in Gamlestaden på Tueseday, can you jpin me we can then talk to Tim or at least sort it out till we find a better solution.
  • what time?
  • brunomc said:

    what time?

    Between 3pm to 6pm..?
  • alright soldier. kring 5 då? när är du på Omverkstan?
  • drar instrax.. där 15:45..
  • Bokad möte med Nina (Cirkulär ekonomi - Kretslopp och Vatten) den 22/5 kl 14 på Omverkstan. Samtal om samarbete (och kanske yunity/delningsplattformen). Nån som vill vara med?
  • Jo, det skulle jag vilja, men dagen är redan bokad så det funkar inte..
  • @brunomc och @Nicco uppatera eran fstool profil och lägg till mobilnummer i fältet About, som här: https://foodsaving.world/#!/user/118

    Detta för att maträddade ska kunna kontakta varan via sms.
  • Solikyl meeting tomorrow at 4 pm Vegagatan 1
    We'll be discussing the formalization of Solikyl as an org. (förening) in order to enter different partnerships (options will be discussed too)
  • I have a first draft ready to constitute Solikyl's association (förening). After a long period of avoidance, some of us realized that a förening is necessary sooner or later to diverse things, like entering more formal partnerships, seeking finance, etc. This, however, does not imply any change in how we operate and people's freedom to set up a fridge, save food and share it freely. The idea is just that Solikyl as an association will be a facilitator to people and groups who want to engage in food saving the way we are doing right now. It's an important piece in the puzzle if we want this thing to scale up. No one is compelled to be part of an association in order to be rescuing and sharing food, but the association can be used as an interface with other actors (city officials, food shops, other associations, etc), when needed.

    That being said, my question is: who of you are interested in starting it, either as members or as part of the board (styrelse)?

    @tomasz , @Agnese @Sandra @Nicco @olle @Maxxipac @sebthisted
    (I know some of you are not interested at all, but I'll tag you anyhow just so you're aware of it. Feel free to tag others)
  • A brief newsletter of what's happened lately and what's being stirred up for Solikyl:

    - We have a small cargo bike for Studiefrämjandet available to our pickups (still need some repairs, but has been used and approved by some of us)

    - Nina from Förvaltning Kretslopp och Vatten is assisting us by contacting public places (like libraries) to know which of these might be interested in putting up a fridge in the near future. They might also get the fridges (so we don't need to be waiting for a donation) if they are in spaces owned by the city. This kind of mapping is important so people will know there is a possibility of building a food-saving group and sharing food close to where they live.

    - Communication material (website and a fancy brochure) is almost done! We'll be using it to contact food shops. The main questions about food safety and responsibilities have been cleared so now we'll be able to see which shop is really interested in reducing food waste and which is full of bullshit. Old-school activism will be required in the case of the latter

    - DigidemLab is offering a paid mentorship to young software developers/designers wanting to work on open-source projects, which includes the foodsaving tool that we use

    Something else I missed?
  • If we're gonna start an association we should call for a constitutional meeting. I might be interested in participating even though i'm working full time right now and cannot spend unrealistic amounts of time and energy on idealistic endeavours like this. Anyway, having regular meetings (though not too long or often!) would be good i think, so we can decide how to proceed in a more informed and thought through, less random way.
  • I would appreciate a list on funds we want to apply for so the reasons of making a association is a bit more concrete.
  • Sure Olle, agree on that! Let's start some day this week?

    Nicco, we've mentioned some ideas already: Arvsfonden, a future IOP with the city and eventually the Varsågoda Accelerator. That's my list so far! But if you think it's not concrete enough and you really don't see a point in starting one now, you can leave the trouble to others. You're welcome with constructive critique on how to form it though, in case you'd be interested in the future.
  • Yes, you mentioned this several times during the meeting we had last time so I am starting to think you prefer me to not be active in the future of Solikyl...?
  • Not at all like this, I just want you to have more constructive suggestions, or possible solutions to every hindrance and problem you point out during the meetings. It's fine to be critical, but I expect it to be constructive. Otherwise I'd just think you're not interested, hence my reaction
  • Well, I am the kind of person who present the problems before discussing solutions, it's not that I'm not interested in finding solutions.
  • För ett år sedan hade jag lämnat en motion till Naturskyddsföreningen.
    Svaret var inte negativt, utan bara "avvaktande".... :-)
    Fick i alla fall tipset om möjligheten att söka projektbidrag från Naturskyddsföreningens rikskansli. Så detta vore också en möjlighet till finansiering, men då borde finnas ett tydligt koncept om en aktivitet/ett projekt eller liknande.
    Min motion hade rubriken "Rädda-maten-dagen". Kan skicka motionen om någon vill läsa mer.
  • Tänker att vi är aktiva i andra föreningar som på ett eller annat sätt kan stödja oss, en motion kan vara ett sätt, ett annat är att få dem att sätta ett kylskåp i sina lokaler tex.
  • Helt rätt tänkt. Det finns i alla fall en del lyhört folk hos Naturskyddsföreningen
  • Jag vill läsa din motion, Sandra! Skulle du inte vara sugen på att kontakta och prata med dem om Solikyl? Jag kollade här t ex http://www.naturskyddsforeningen.se/vad-du-kan-gora/som-medlem/mat-och-jordbruksnatverket

    Jag har själv pratat med olika etablerade föreningar (Jordens Vänner, KFMU...), och visst kan det finnas olika former av samarbete (förresten Nicco, har du kontaktat IMÄI som du sa att du skulle göra? Är du lika duktig på att göra som du är på att prata?). Det känns dock som en lång omväg om man ska söka finansiering till vissa saker, som samordning av Solikyl (det behövs om vi ska skala upp, och jag vet inte hur länge jag eller andra kan fortsätta lägga så mycket ideell tid på det) eller till vidareutveckling av foodsaving tool.

    Iaf, ska vi bestämma ett datum för ett möte denna vecka? Vad sägs på onsdag kväll? Eller på torsdag?

  • Tack för att du påminde mig Bruno, jag skulle dock uppskatta om du slutar med den hånfulla attityden, det är inte så att en kommentar såsom "Är du lika duktig på att göra som du är på att prata?" motiverar, snarare tvärtom.
  • Onsdag kl.17, ses på Vega.
  • Jag kan tyvärr inte på onsdag, men prata ni och håll mig informerad. Jag litar på er till 100%. ;-)
    Skickar motionen per mejl när jag startar datorn.
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